• Investor information- Private Equity Investments Alithea

    Alitheia IDF is a $100 million private equity fund that drives growth in African SMEs by leveraging gender-balanced businesses to generate high financial returns and social impact. SKLD is proud to be in partnership with Alithea.

  • Commercial Paper

    SKLD Integrated Services Limited has redeemed its Commercial Paper and repaid all subscribers marking the successful conclusion of SKLD’s debut in raising N553 million in a programme jointly sponsored by Coronation Merchant Bank Limited and Afrinvest Capital Limited.

  • Highlights of financials

    SKLD Integrated Services maiden commercial paper worth N2 billion was issued in April 2022. Through partnership with Coronation Merchant Bank Limited – a Registration Member (Quotations) of the Exchange, SKLD’s commercial paper was approved by FMDQ and the issuance was successfully completed.


SKLD is the legal owner of the trademarks and intellectual property rights of MH Footwear, Marcell Hughes Apparel, SKIT STORES, Marcel Hughes & Device and SLKD Integrated Services & Device.

ESG initiatives – Governance Structure, Decision Making Tree.

1. Governance Structure

Our governance process is driven by each business unit’s effort, aligned with our overarching corporate goal to deliver an effective, purposeful (contextual), and ethical result-oriented practice.

2. Board of Directors

SKLD’s Board is composed of six members consisting of two executive directors and four non-executive directors.

3. Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of four members of Senior Management, MD, DMD, Finance Controller & General Manager Commercial. This committee provides oversight on financial matters as it relates to the business.

4. Central Executive Committee

The Central Executive Committee provides oversight on the operational and administrative matters as it relates to the business. This committee is made of five members of management which, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Finance Controller, General Manager, Commercial, Operations Manager & Head of Human Resources.

5. ESG initiatives


In the short-term, SKLD is building trust and credibility with our valued internal and external stakeholders by implementing our ELIS (Efficient, Leader, Integrity, Safe) framework.

Our long-term goal is to have a net-positive impact on the Environment, society, and global economy by staying accountable to SKLD’s Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP).

You can read more about SKLD’s transformation into a transparent, resilient and future-oriented organization here. [link to impact page/sustainability report pdf]


Social Impact 

As an organization with an expansive focus beyond profit-making, SKLD continues to create public value through the following initiatives:

  • Diversity and Gender-balanced recruitment process
  • CSR partnerships to provide educational supplies to indigent children
  • Community cleanups to promote a culture of cleanliness in all our locations


SKLD is strategically located at the intersection of sourcing and providing products that assure Quality Education [SDG4], Responsible Consumption and Production [SDG12] as well as Clean Water & Sanitation [SDG6].

Download Annual Sustainability Report