Warehouse Manager

Job Description

As the Warehouse Manager, You will;
• Develop and implement a comprehensive warehouse strategy aligned with the company’s business objectives, including order fulfilment and efficient alignment with logistics.
• Implement inventory control strategies to balance stock levels, increase turn over, reduce carrying costs, and minimize obsolete inventory situations.
• Work closely with sales and procurement teams to create and maintain accurate forecasts, which are essential for efficient inventory and logistics planning.
• Oversee the efficient and timely distribution of orders to customers, optimizing transportation, warehousing, and order fulfilment processes. Determine the best logistics and 3PL vendors for road, air deliveries.
• Improve quality control across the supply chain in collaboration with the quality control team.
• Lead optimum utilization of the warehouse space; Ensure storage and handling of all materials and finished goods adheres to standard palletizing, stacking and storage requirements.
• Identify cost-saving opportunities in the supply chain, monitor expenses, and implement strategies to reduce operating costs while maintaining quality.
• Work closely with cross-functional departments to ensure smooth operations and internal customer satisfaction.
• Utilize the ERP and data tools to streamline processes, improve collaboration, and enhance decision-making.

Must-Have for the Position:
• Proven ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously through excellent project and time management skills.
• Balances strategic thinking with execution and commitment to continuous improvement.
• Proven experience (5-7 years) in supply chain or warehouse management, preferably in the FMCG industry.
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field; a master’s degree is a plus.
• Relevant professional certifications.

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