Social Commerce Executive

Job Description

As a Social Commerce Executive, you will:
• Understand the needs and motivations of key audiences for brands.
• Create engaging content across various channels, including social media posts, videos, social events and more.
• Craft e-commerce product descriptions.
• Publish timely content on client social media channels.
• Manage online and actively engage with the community to increase engagement rates and followers.
• Conduct tests to determine optimal posting times and practices.
• Handle incoming media requests and execute creative campaigns.
• Organize events, meetups, giveaways, competitions, etc.
• Develop strategic online marketing plans aligned with yearly KPIs.
• Create comprehensive social media reports with critical analysis.
• Conduct industry-related research and contribute to timely content plans.

Must-Have for the position:
• Minimum 3+ years of experience in content creation and community management.
• Strong command of both English language
• Experience in agency/consultancy environments with multiple projects.
• Collaboration experience with graphic designers and online marketing specialists.
• In-depth knowledge of creating video content to suit the different social media platform audience (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube).
• Track record of producing high-quality content and creative campaigns.
• Proficiency in creative ideation and idea sourcing.
• Brand interaction experience, from understanding needs to managing requests.
• Photography skills (basic level at least).
• Graphic design or animation skills are advantageous.

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