Quality Control Manager

May 25, 2023
200000 / month

Job Description

Job Summary
The Quality Control Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day quality control and assurance operations within the warehouse and production facility. Also, to embed a zero culture of product quality defects and continuous improvement of quality standards across the company.

As a Quality Control Manager, you will:
• Develop and implement quality control and quality assurance strategies to ensure all company products/items are delivered on time and in perfect condition.
• Ensure quality control best practices are developed, implemented, and maintained across all areas.
• Manage and implement the ISO Quality Policy.
• Perform, monitor, and oversee the testing (quality checking) of all inbound and outbound products/items respectively.
• Ensure that all products adhere to laid down quality standards.
• Supervise detailed and recorded inspections of all products.
• Manage inspections of each production process and activity.
• Set requirements and standards for supply and purchase of materials/products for production and distribution.
• Ensure compliance to established regulatory, legal and standard operating procedures.
• Keep accurate documentation and performing statistical analysis.
• Identify deviations from approved quality standards.
• Provide guidance and training to team members in the quality control unit.
• Design and implement effective quality assurance systems/methods.
• Manage vendor performance, product rejections, recalls and returns.
• Ensure zero customer complaints or returns on products delivered.
• Provide data capture, analysis and reports on all quality control activities.
• Communicate and collaborates effectively with supporting and cross-functional departments.
Must-Have for the position:
• Minimum educational degree: Relevant Bachelor’s degree.
• Minimum of 3 years work experience in quality control and assurance. Preferably within a warehouse.
• Work experience in a clothing manufacturing facility is an added advantage.

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